Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How come your Senior boots cost $699 as against $1600 offered by our competitors? Am I compromising on the quality?

We support the tradition of Aggie Senior boots. It is a right of passage and pride for the cadets and their families. We have eliminated the middlemen, and source leather from the tanneries and employ cobblers. The result, cost savings which we pass along to you. Hassle-free shopping brought directly to you.


  • I will be a sophomore in the upcoming calendar year, is it too early to order?

As long as you have stopped growing we recommend getting fitted, that gives us ample time to make a quality boot and have the first fitting and any alterations needed.


  • I will be a junior in the following calendar year and I am not certain if my boots will arrive by the Final Review weekend?

We are well aware of the pride and tradition of wearing the Senior boots at Final Review and are committed to being a part of this tradition. We plan to have the first fitting by winter 2018 and make adjustments (if needed) and deliver in time for final review. 


  • What is the chance that the boots fit right the first time?

97% of our boots fit right the first time and we promise on-time delivery. 


  • There some spots and blemishes on the leather, is that a defect?

No. We use an environmentally friendly tanning process and try to maintain the original full-grain upper of the hide. The hides have some scratches and some blemishes which gives character to the skin.


  • What is your customer satisfaction rating?

Customer satisfaction is of foremost to us. We have several repeat customers and siblings, spouses of our customers come back to order from us. Our parent company Bootmakers LLC has been supplying to a military academy for the past 5 years. We also supply to the prestigious Cassion units of the National Guard and we have 100% satisfaction and on-time delivery rating with them. You can read testimonials from our customers at


  • Do you supply Aggie spurs and chains?

Yes, you can order your aggie spurs and chains directly from us.  We will deliver them along with the boots.


  • What if I want tags put on my boots?

Please let us know at the time of placing the order and we will put heel metal taps for free.


  • There are some scratches and marks on my boots. Is that a defect?

 The leather used in our boots is all-natural and these marks are on the skin of the animal. The bug-bite, barbed wire scratches, horn scratches, etc, leave a permanent mark on the skin.


  • I subscribed to your list, will you share my information?  

We respect your privacy and will never share your data.


  • Do you sell boot bags?

We recommend buying your boot bags from the Cadet Corps Store.




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